Salt Water Generators Ruin Swimming pool Gear

Sodium Chloride is what is usually known as salt. A salt generator works in a way that it applies a process of electrolysis to the dissolved salt. This happens as the water passes through a pool’s filter system. What the electrolysis does is that it separates the sodium from the salt and leaves the chloride part or rather the chlorine.

The byproduct, chlorine, has no other products in it after the purification process. All other characteristics of chlorine for example the strong odor, and the effect of turning people’s eyes red after a good swim are removed completely. If you really want to get a pool and learn how to properly maintain it, then this is your article.

piscina salada

piscina salada

If you already have a pool then this system will suit you perfectly. The chlorine produced is dispersed into the pool in a systematic manner. It will be really hard for the water to have cloudiness or algae to reproduce in it. Its maintenance will be so easy you will fall in love with it, the chlorine levels make all this easy. You do not have to keep checking chlorine levels or adding of tablets.

If you truly do not believe me then ask anyone who has such type of a pool. None of them will tell you they get red eyes or have seen algae in their pools. As you have thought it is not all glamor but there are disadvantages too.

piscina salada” is the process that salt water generators make chlorine for salt. They are not the best option for anyone to have their pool in such a system, the pool will rarely be clean. Bacteria, algae, dust, pollen, viruses, skin oils and lotions will be your constant worry. You want to have the freedom to enjoy a swim without any fear of infection.

Chlorine free and chemical free cleaning are other good methods of cleaning available. There are more skin and environment friendly processes which are the Ionic water purification systems, and natural oxidation processes. They are much better than the salt.

Chlorine from the salt generators is very corrosive but it is usually found in the pool. Pool equipment are also at a disadvantage, the internal and external parts of the pool will be damaged by the chemical effects of the chlorine and salt. You therefore need to take good care of your equipment for it work better.

Chlorine is not good to health and it can cause a number of complications. The skin is also sensitive and chlorine can easily bring rashes and other reactions as well as skin corrosion. It is therefore necessary to take a shower after swimming and dry with a clean cloth to avoid the dryness. The salt water generators also make the pool equipment deteriorate in value. The scum of the chlorine may corrode the equipment. You skin easily takes in chlorine and any other germs.

With salt water generators using chlorine as a killer of bacteria and algae, it also dries out your skin. Chlorine can also burn your throat and lungs when you breathe in chlorine fumes. It is advisable when you exit the pool, you should take a shower and rinse off the possible contaminants away from your body.

With all these negative problems brought about by using chemicals to clean your pool, why don’t you use the other natural alternatives available? These are the methods we had mentioned earlier. The Ionic water purifying systems use copper ions to clean the pools water. It is a much healthier and easier method for both you and the environment.

A much safer method of purification is the Ionic water purifying systems that use copper ions to clean the pools water. It is a much healthier and easier method for people and the surrounding. These alternative methods are not as harmful.

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